A better type of business for a better type of clean

Community Cleaners has been supporting Madison area companies and providing with cleaning services for over ten years. Our commercial cleaning clients have high expectations, and we support our team in being able to meet them.

Out of our commitment to be a better type of business, Community Cleaners offers:

  • Above-market wages
  • Paid training
  • Experienced mentors
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Support for entrepreneurship

Unlike other cleaning companies or labor jobs, Community Cleaners is never a dead-end. With limitless opportunities for increased responsibility and increased income, Community Cleaners is a career pathway to financial independence. Without having to worry about their financial stability and relieved from a cycle of irregular or exploitive employment, our workers arrive to the job motivated to provide excellent service.

Johnny Justice

Johnny and Marie Justice

Johnny and Marie Justice are life-long creatives who have used their passion for visual arts to promote dialogues around social justice.

Community Cleaners represents the intersection of their asthetic lens, their attention to detail, and their commitment to this community. More than a cleaning company, Community Cleaners is a job skills program helping participants reach their potential.

Marie Justice

Earn while you learn

Work smarter

Lead and grow

Whether you are looking for some extra earnings, a change in career, or a pathway to running your own business, contact our offices today to learn more about opportunities for interviews, observations, and paid training.

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Learn about how a better business model can transform the narrative around our our community's most dedicated workforce. We believe in treating workers well, paying people fairly, and investing in talent where we see it. With no prior experienc required, every single applicant has the potential to receive increasingly sophisticated training in cleaning skills, management skills, and business functions, moving up the career ladder. We're a better type of business, and we deliver a better type of clean!

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